Wednesday, 29 May 2013


It's such a strange feeling,

this waiting,

not knowing

when things will change.

And they will change -

for good,


No going back.


Will it be today?

Could it come tomorrow?

Or do I have longer to wait?


I just don't know.

It's exciting,


and breathtaking,

this feeling.


It will happen in God's time

so there's nothing for me to worry about.

It will hurt,

I know it will hurt,

but will soon be over.

Another chalk-up to experience.

Another story to tell.


But for now, I wait.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


If you have seen the movie 'Brave' then you will know that the heroine Merida is no typical Disney princess. She is fairly normal-looking (with wild red hair) and instead of marrying a nice boy like her parents were trying to force her to, she took charge of her life and won her freedom.

It's a good movie, especially for young girls who need to know that they don't need to be ultra-skinny, trendy or submissive. Also they don't need a boyfriend or husband to give their life purpose- they can just be themselves.

But it seems that Disney scored an own goal recently by changing her appearance into a tiny-waisted, prettier and sexier version. They also got rid of her bow and arrow (symbolic of her strong and free personality), to have her standing in the come-hither pose of hands on hips. Girls really don't need another reminder that to be happy they have to be sexy.

Anyway, a petition was started up to get Merida's original image back -
which you can still sign. 234000 people already have.

And it looks like it has worked already- Disney have removed the sexy version from their site and reverted to the original.

This is a little victory for people-power. It might seem like a storm in a teacup, but it is one small win against the increasing sexualisation of children.

Let's hope that there are more heroines like Merida in the future.

Friday, 10 May 2013


I'm waiting to go on holiday

in the airport departure lounge.

I've been to the country before,

but it was a long time ago.

I wonder if it's changed?

It could be a very different place.


I'm fed up with waiting

in the airport departure lounge.

My bum is numb from the chairs

and it feels like I've been here


I've read all my magazines

and drunk all the coffee I can handle.


I'll admit,

I'm not looking forward to the flight.

I'm not afraid of flying - but...

It's got to be done I guess.


I'm fed up with waiting

in the airport departure lounge.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May flash fiction contest

You are watching someone or something. Describe what you see and how it makes you feel.

Mummy is sore. She says she's ok but I can see on her face that it hurts. Really really hurts. She bends over to her knees and moans- a bit like that cow that we saw at the farm last Summer. Moooo! She stands up and walks around the room for a bit, then leans over the dining room table and moos again.

'Mummy, are you ok?'

'Yes honey, I am fine. I just have a sore tummy.'

'Do you need some medicine?'

When I have a bad tummy, Mummy always gives me some medicine.

'No,' she laughs. 'I think I'm going to have a baby soon.'

She bends over again, her face all creasy.

'A baby! Why is the baby hurting you?'

I would never hurt Mummy. I hope baby isn't a bully.

'Baby isn't hurting me darling, it's just my body getting ready to push her out.'

Oh. Once I did a huge poo that really hurt. Maybe that's what having a baby is like.

'Mummy, should I call an ambulance?'

I saw on telly once that a boy called the ambulance when his Mum was ill.

Mummy has a drink of water and breathes slowly in and out, in and out.

'No, that's ok. I have called Daddy and he's on his way. You are going to have a special treat and stay at Grandma's house tonight.'


I love Grandma. She always lets me have ice-cream, and reads me lots of bedtime stories.

Mummy sits down and calls me over. She gives me a big hug.

'You are going to be a big brother soon. Will you help Daddy and me once the baby is born? I might be a bit tired and grumpy for a few days.'

'Yes Mummy, of course. I will help look after the baby.'

Mummy smiles and gives me a big kiss.

I jump down off her lap and start playing with my cars. I feel a little bit scared about being a big brother. What if I do it wrong? I've never looked after a baby before. I might have to change poo-ey nappies. Gross.

 The front door opens and Dad runs in, looking frowny.

'Are you ok?'

He runs up to Mummy and looks into her face.

'Do you need a drink? How far apart are the contractions? Should I run a bath?'

Mummy can't answer because she is mooing again. I wonder if the baby will pop out of her tummy in a minute, like a bag of crisps when you squeeze too hard. Bang! And the bag bursts and there are crisps everywhere.

'Every five minutes.' Says Mummy.

'Oh my goodness! We need to get you to hospital. Have you phoned your midwife? Have you phoned your Mum yet?' Daddy runs around holding his phone.

Babies cause a lot of trouble.

It's not

It's not something that can be explained

with words or reasoned out.

It can't be understood through books

or comprehended when discussed.

It's something you have to do

to understand.

Or not do,

and never truly know.

Friday, 3 May 2013

A tiger in Tesco

I went to Tesco last night

to buy hotdogs for tea.

I was looking at the price of bread rolls

when I felt someone

watching me.


I looked up and met his eyes.

They were amber, like fire,

with flecks of jade.

He snarled and showed his teeth.

His breath was warm and smelled of fish.


There was a tiger in Tesco,

staring at me.


He was huge.

He took up most of the aisle and

when he flicked his tail,

a box of doughnuts went flying.

He growled softly.


I should have run away.

I should have screamed.

Instead, I stood my ground.

Why was there a tiger in Tesco

staring at me?


Where did he come from?

Was he hungry?

Was he about to take a bite out of me?

I should have been afraid.

Instead, I stared back.


I threw him a roll.

Do tigers like bread?

He pounced on it like a kitten

and gobbled it in one bite.

So I threw him another.


Had I gone crazy?

Was this a dream?

Why was there a tiger in Tesco

being fed by me?